Sissy School

January 27, 2007

Sissy School

This picture invokes so many emotions. I have always had this fantasy that when I was younger I was recognized as a sissy and sent to sissy school. Here we would learn how to be little girls and forget our boyish ways. I love the idea of going to a school that is just for sissies, or going to a girls school that allowed sissies to go. I also love the idea of there being a school for older sissies like me, maybe an after work school, where we can go and learn the things we were never taught as kids.

 must try harder

 I can imagine being say 10 years old and being enrolled at sissy school. Learning how to be a little girl, doing each others hair and make-up, sharing dollies and being girls. Bliss. Never having to grow up, always being little girls.

I know now that I’m ready to interact with other sissies, go to sissy parties and share with people my thoughts only other sissies could ever fully understand.


Been chatting to Mummy Honey and Gina this week, which is always a pleasure. Baby Danielle’s been having trouble finding a daddy to look after her. The ones she does find always seem to let her down and I really feel for her.

Had a lovely email from Rachy which was wonderful and Lola has been in touch too. I’m so lucky to meet these amazing people.


Sissy Kiss is going well too, and there have been loads of new members. It’s really heart warming to know there are so many sissies out there.

We rule!!!

14 Responses to “Sissy School”

  1. Rachy Says:

    Just found your blog sweetie…and spent far too long reading through it and looking at all the pretty girlies (when I should be working on my secret projects :P)! I bet none of the sweet little girls are as pretty as you though Sissy Daryl *smiles*

    Thanks so much for mentioning me, you really are adorable and I bet you make your beautiful mummy very proud:)


    ps – added you to MSN tonight, hope to chat to you soon!

  2. Jessica Says:

    I think that’s a really good idea: sissy school. i would like to join too!

  3. insideman Says:

    Aw I would like that. It would be a lot of fun.

  4. make me a sissy 714 7170199

  5. maid sylvie Says:

    I didnt look like that when I was that age but I felt like I did

  6. Jimmy Says:

    I would like to play house and visit the toilet with the other pretend girlies.

  7. Jimmy Says:

    Good boys suck pee-pees and lick dirty asses whenever

    they are told to do so. They also jerky into hungry mouths

    when Mommie instructs. I love sissies. I drink their hot piss.

  8. Ian Says:

    Enjoy your life and your fantasies! Have you tried pueraria mirifica pills? They grow breasts on sissy boys like you.

  9. Robyn Says:

    Love the top one with the ‘girl’ in the middle with long hair.
    So girlie and feminine.

  10. Brianna Says:

    I don’t mind starting out as a little girl, but I would like to be taken through puberty (and given breasts) and then dressed as an ingenue teen, and eventually a slutty young woman. I would look forward to my Mary Janes being replaced with 4″ pumps and my increasingly feminized body imprisoned in corsets and slutty lingerie. Starting out as a young girl would be fine if I had that to look forward to.

  11. Jay Says:

    the print on here is very small how is it enlarged!?

    yes me to i would just love to become a real little girl of the 1950’s 1960’s when girls still wore cute pretty dresses skkirts slips panties mary janes t straps and cute pretty girls play shoes i would wish and want to be girly with just maybe a hint of tomboy but always in dresses no pants i hate pants jeans slacks i want to be girly and to know girlhood totally i want long soft blonde hair pretty blue eyes my hair would flow down long i wish i were a sissy boy and or a real girly!

  12. Jay Says:

    i just love the very thought of being in a real place like this where even silly boys can b e the little girls they wish to b e in cute pretty dresses and even ttansfomed iuto little girls at last!

  13. sissy charleen Says:

    i wish there was a sissy school when i was young

  14. joyce Says:

    I want to come over and play dress up with you.

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