Story time

August 11, 2008

I’m really excited, yesterday I sat down and wrote a sissy story and sent it to Prissy’s Sissies and today I got a reply from Prissy saying that she loved my story and that it would appear in issue #73 of the online mag. I was so thrilled.

Mummy and I have spoken many times in the past about my writing and I have tried to write things in the past, only to get side tracked and forget about them. I have been working on a small book about being a sissy, but that is going to take a while I feel, however I am going to write more stories, some for Prissy and some for Sissy Kiss. I might do a couple of short stories for here as well.

If you happen to get a copy of Prissy’s Sissies my story is called ‘The Path To Little Girlhood’. I hope you enjoy it.

Take care x x x


2 Responses to “Story time”

  1. mummyamber Says:

    Hello Sissy Daryl

    Well done with your story!!!!

    Just wanted to say that I havent forgotten about you or the other thing hehe wink wink just incase you thought I had because I havent been blogging or emailing for a week or so.

    Speak Soon Hunny Pie

    Mummy Amber xx

  2. FetishKitten Says:

    I’m so so proud of you😀

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