Frillies are for me please

August 19, 2008

The sissy lifestyle is one I am embracing more and more. Every morning I wake up, my first thoughts are of being in skirts. The pretend guy I was, is slipping further away, sure some of things I like in the adult world are still here, only I am realizing that they are not guy things, just things a sissy enjoys as well as her dollies.

Mummy Honey once said a while ago, when I first began this blog, that I would become more and more sissy, that I would become happier as a little girl. As always she was right. There has to be a time when you say stop dreaming, start fulfilling.

More and more sissies are starting to explore the sissy community, I would think that around 5 or 6 sissies join Sissy Kiss every week, which is amazing. Go back 15 years and there wasn’t much out there for sissies, AB’s and adult little girls, but this has changed dramatically. As of course has acceptance. Sure it’s not how we would want it to be, but slowly as it becomes more common, it becomes more acceptable. I mean there is a lot worse happening in the world than a load of sissies in pink party dresses!!

So every second I get in my frillies is precious. I understand that I am a little girl inside, I always have been. My life is about being soft and gentle, dainty and prissy. I am a pansy, from the moment I was born I was a pansy. You panty girls who have been so sweet to me, so kind and understanding knew I was just a pansy. You all new that in reality all I have truly needed in life is be seen as a sweet little girl, a sissy who wants big hugs and a reassuring word or two. I Love you all x x x

And even though I can’t dress all the time, or even when I need to I am still a pretty happy bunny!

One Response to “Frillies are for me please”

  1. Karen Singer Says:

    I agree! Finally accepting who we are brings a whole new level of understanding and contentment to our lives. I too yearn to be in skirts every day. Now if only the rest of the world didn’t mind.


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