June 6, 2010

Ok tell me something I didn’t know you all  cry! But I need to say it loud, I AM A SISSY!! I wasn’t born a boy, I was born a sissy, I grew up a sissy, I stayed a sissy, I am a sissy. There is no option for me, there is no choice, I don’t dress as a sissy, I am a sissy. I AM A GIRL! I pretend to be a man to survive and it’s got the stage where I often get lost and tired of the same day to day. But only I can change that, I guess.

The thing that keeps pounding away inside is what it would be like to be reduced to a 3 year old girl. I dont mean dress up and play at it, I mean be totally reduced in terms of acting, dressing, thinking, being. All adult thoughts taken away, to gaze through my eyes as a 3 year old, to feel I am 3. To need nappies, to have to wear them. To be a child again. And truth be told, I want that. You don’t have to be grown up to enjoy life!!

I just want to finish by saying hello to a few people – 

Joanne for showing me a different path, for taking off the layers and for your time. You have shown me kindness and understanding. You know what I am and what I should be, Thankyou

Kimee for being so special in my heart, I am so happy to have met you

Mummy Honey for everything, for now and before

Mary for being my sister, for being there

And to everyone else, I love you all dearly x x x

10 Responses to “I AM A SISSY, NOT A MAN, A SISSY”

  1. joanne Corner Says:

    I love that you admit who and what you are (a sissy, a little girl, a child) on your blog. That’s the first step to reaching your true self and happiness. Now you need to make a plan to get there. Not in one large step but in small baby like steps. What are the things you will be doing to be reduced to a 3 year old girl eventually? I’d like to see you write about 3 to 5 things that you will be doing in the very near future.


  2. Kimee Says:

    My darling Samantha,
    I so very much want to know that you will be happy some day! I believe you can get there, and you will. My heart is open to you, and I will always be here to send you hugs and kisses. You are such a wonderful girl! Kiss Kiss!

  3. what a wonderful confession, if only more ‘so- called males’ came to accept themselves as what they really are. This sissy tried in vain to live as a TS from 1988 to 2006, and with the help of its current owner, this sissy knows for a fact, that it IS A little girl, has been forever, and will be forever. Your blog is wonderful, please keep up the good work. ~~ sissy pansy

  4. Sarah Says:

    You sound like such a sweet little girl. Im also a sissy and absolutely love it. Too bad I have to be so secretive about it. At least we have each other!

    Love Sarah.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Your right Sarah we do have each orher. It helps to know their are others like me. We are lovely and its too bad the world cant appreciate girls like us.
    Love Ann.

  6. insideman Says:

    Sarah, thank you *hugs*, means a lot and to you and Ann, being sissies means we are already connected, bonded and we have each other always x

  7. Bob Mocarsky Says:

    You are a lovely person! I have been keeping my girly sissy self hidden for a long time and hope I can one day find a way towards being comfortable with everyone, as my submissive soft female self would love to be…

  8. bobbie Says:

    I am a sissy crossdresser i wont to grow big breast like a female i wont to a female i am 62 i wish i can be a female i wear bras and painty every day i love the way i full

  9. eric Says:

    My first girlfriend used to breastfeed me from her lovely 44DD beasts. She put me in a long, soft, pink cotton nightgown and sang baby lullibies to me, as her engorged breasts swung lovingly before me…I would suck like a baby….she was so much stronger than me, and so much woman!!!! I love being a sissy girl.

  10. sweetbabygirl72 Says:

    I am also a sissy crossdresser and I feel so pretty and comfortable in girls clothes I would love to be a little 3 yr old girl and could wear pretty pin skirts and panties its s o lovely

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