I am an adult little girl. Being an adult little girl is more than simply dressing as one, it is what comes from within and it is not something only sissies feel there is a whole age play culture out there with many women who love to be little for their daddys and sometimes mummys. Essentially for me, I am more of a child inside than an adult, adulthood is something quite scary and responsibilities are something I have never felt comfortable with.

When I dress the real me is able to express herself and I am able to be the 9 year old girl who lives inside. When I have to be a ‘man’ the little girl I am sometimes pops through, I often skip – when no-one can see me lol – and I will cradle my dolly but I am only truly happy when I am able to wear my girls clothes.

Adult little girls want to play and act as little girls, be little girls, indulge in the innocence of childhood, be loved and cared for. And I want it all the time 24/7.

I was left a comment on this blog and it has helped me know how to be as a little girl – 

I imagine you have known you were different for a long time. In fact, I’ll bet, you had girly feelings when you were very young. I can see you acting on those impulses secretly…most of us did. If your transgendered…you had no choice.

Now that you are more in touch with your inner female child…allow yourself to really love her, and let her over take you sometimes. Just go with it. I wouldn’t necessarily go out side and play as her, since your 30 something…but, spend the day indoors playing, singing, and pampering yourself as her. If you don’t have any children’s music, like old Disney tunes, then buy them, and sing along to them. Little girls bounce and jump. They are very dramatic. Learn it instinctively. Buy coloring books, and story books, and enjoy them. Make sure your have dolls, and stuffed animals. Play with them, sleep with them. Give them names, and personalities. Have tea parties…and eat cake.
Fill your bed room with girls things…Pinks. Purples, soft Yellows are a girls pallet. Things that sparkle are part of our trademark image. Glitter is the spice of a little girls life.
Put up frilly curtains, and buy a pretty bed covering. Put down a big pink fuzzy rug on the floor. Have big teddy bears on your bed. Maybe some soft bunnies. Make sure your have play make up, and some soft pretty perfume to wear.
Buy and wear scrunchies, ribbons, and clips in your hair. Paint your finger nails bright pink. Toe nails toes too. Have hot pink lipstick you can wear. The list is nearly endless.

You have to make room for her. She cannot be a once in a while accommodation. Give her plenty of space, and let her shine.
Train yourself to always sit and pee. Stop pissing on the wall.( a urinal) Do not stand a pee into a toilet. It always ends up on other surfaces. If your a girl, you sit an pee! Always, without exceptions.

Make your room and hers a special place. Every little girls room, is her Princess Palace. Is yours?

If you have straight male friends who visit you, close and lock the door to your room. It is your special place you share with a child…don’t let anyone take it away from you.

Do not hide her. Let her show through in your everyday life. Wear pink shirts. Wear pink socks. Wear a girls watch, get your ears pierced, and wear earrings. Wear a little eye shadow every day. Learn and use female words and phrases. Lighten your voice, and talk chatty.
Get rid of the cave man talk.
Learn to walk like a female. Swing your arms freely. Use hand motions when you talk. Become more expressive with your face, as you speak.
Laugh with your shoulders…not your belly.
Eventually, your life partner, will love all these parts about you.
Girlie boys, Sissies, Lady Boys are not actual MEN! Stop pretending to be one.
They are a blend of two genders. Transgendered boys/girls ARE the inner gender. Figure out who you really are.

Little girls are not sexual objects. Neither should yours be. Do not use your inner child as a metaphor for the rape of innocence.
Being a girl, who is brutalized, is nothing sexy. Young girls do not fantasize about being sexually abused. Nor should yours.

You wouldn’t want your daughter debauched…nor should you dishonor your inner female child, by regularly sexually abusing her. ( masturbation, and anal penetration with dildos, or sucking on some males penis ) Many sissies are after some sort of sexual thrill…are you? Examine those tendencies, if you possess them.

Being a little girl, in a little girls world is a special place. It is where Unicorns live. It is where little fairy princesses can play and be safe.
There are no big bad wolves lurking in the shadows, reading to pull off her diapers or panties.

You have a chance, now, to explore a special new world. Don’t ruin it. Be a good little girl.

Send the naughty boy away, forever. Good little girls, do not play with naughty boys.

I hope you find yourself, and your inner girl fully. I wish you a happy ever after.

So remember let that little girl out when she needs to come out and enjoy being her, for she is you x x x

19 Responses to “Adult little girl”

  1. suscie Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I read them everday to guide me.
    Love Suscie

  2. insideman Says:

    Awwwww you are very sweet Suscie, if you ever want to chat let me know *hugs*

  3. DV Says:

    Those are such lovely words, and so incredibly true.


  4. peter Says:

    hi my name is peter i have been an adult baby 4 a very long time your photo of the little girl made me feel very strang all overy my body it is a wounderful photo when i put on my nappys and pink plastic pants that little baby girl is here playing in her baby room i wear nappys and plastic pants 24/7 thank you for that photo i have saved it in my favorites ok by now from baby peter .

  5. pinnellipeed Says:

    Growing up we moved alot. I was loner However friends from past neighborhood found me and got me drinking and druggin’. Later years @early to mid20’s they got out of my van and beat a boy up for no good reason. I stayed inside and prayed. Why did they have to find me? I was happy being with sissy myself. I feel so dirty because of them.

  6. Bobbie Says:

    Just another little girl, lost in space.

  7. Bobbie Says:

    Don’t we all wish that we could back to the beginning & live in dresses, I know I wish I could.

  8. baby amanda Says:

    I realy like you photo i am a baby girl deep down. It is true we should all let baby/little girl out to play. With out fear of the big boys wanting to hurt us i hope one day we can all come out to play and be safe take care love and huggies baby amanda xxx

  9. "Missy," Susan Pauline Bauer Says:

    LIttle Girls are all precious. I hope you feel that way. I was always my Mommie’s, “Girly-boy.” I am currently my Mistress/Wife’s housemaid/husband. I get only an hour or two per week to be the little girl, that i missed out being. I would like more time to be the little girl, that is inside me. However, I work two jobs. At home, Mistress keeps me in my Housemaid’s Uniform. I need to, “earn my keep,” So, it’s a far off dream, to be the little girl, that I’d like to be.

    I, “love,” your photo and your clothes and shoes.

    Sisterly yours,

    “Missy,” Susan Pauline

  10. robert Says:

    I wont to be a sissy girl not a boy

  11. Joanne_Chan Says:

    I am also an adult little girl, having had inner girl child for years who is in the business of making peace with her around those grown up things we can’t opt out of and letting her out.
    I also publish a blog about my littles side.

  12. prissikins Says:

    My girlfriend /mommy keeps me dressed as a sissy little girl all the time at home. i did not have to be forced into this way of being, we both know this is who i am . mommy buys me dollies and prams and i mentally am a sissy little girl .it is lovely . tonite i am in my pink shiny baby style frock, with an oh so sweet matching bonnet. my panties are also pink and very frilly. they just peek out below my frock and petticoat. i have one of my dollies with me. later on when mommy will want to watch the television ,i will be at her feet ,holdig dolly and being good . this is how we are . xxxxx

  13. insideman Says:

    How wonderful and just goes to show there is a way to live how we should be living, very happy for you, thank you for posting x

  14. "Missy," Susan Pauline Bauer Says:

    Some Little Girls seem to be very taken-care-of. I am pulled into so many directions. My Mistress/Wife has Her moods. Some tiimes, She has me dressed in my Ilttle School Girl Outfit. Most of the time, I am in my submissive, Housemaid’s Uniform. I am Her Housemaid/husband. While the neighbors have seen me in my Little Girl’s clothes, they are not the pretty party dresses, that I’d like to be wearing. Perhaps, She just likes to see me in some type of, :uniform.” With my two part-tme jobs (Career-days are gone), and all my Household chores,I’d just, “love,” to be taken to a LIttle Girl’sParty and wear a Pretty Party Dress, pretty, lacy socks and Patent-leather Mary Janes, (sigh) I’d even give up my studio shoes and my high heels. (sigh, again).

    Little Girl Hugs and Kisses for every one.,

    “Missy,” Susan Pauline

  15. insideman Says:

    awwwww well I hope you do one day x x x

  16. sissy miss marta Says:

    in early 90’s i began corresponding with a crossdressing artist who sent some mag clips of Princess Ellie- i finally knew there were others like me, and since, have learned to really enjoy my crossdressing fetish. I like my femme side and treat her nicely, with pretty frillies.

  17. Sissy Missy Susie Says:

    To all,

    I’d like to leave a reply but the print is so smal, I can’t read anything. (Sigh),

    Sissy Missy Susie

  18. paul viol Says:

    I love feeling like a little girl….I’m such a sissy!…

  19. missmarta Says:

    why, did you get a new dress, or some daity frillies? I got a pretty blue petticoat, and, happy results of 6 weeks herbal breast growth caps. Now i have very girlish developement. So girly feeling having my nipples sticking out through thin fabric. Even show thru my training bra.

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