The very first thing to understand is that you can be what ever you want to be, just because you like wearing girls clothes doesn’t make you a sissy, far from it and many people like having a ‘label’ to make them feel a part of something whilst others don’t want to be pigeon holed.

There are many types of sissies – tarty, slutty types, baby girl, maid, the list goes on, but I am going to concentrate on the little girl sissy because that is what I am.

This is a definiton from Lil Jennie, taken from her site (

Before I begin, I would like to say that this is my definition of the word “sissy.” I must admit that to a large extent it is a description of the way I would want to be treated as a sissy in my fantasies. If you disagree with any of this, that is completely understandable, because your definitions (and fantasies) are no doubt different from mine. I have seen many other definitions of “sissy,” most often having to do with who one has sex with, but sexual behavior is irrelevant to my own definition. Feel free to put up a web page with your own definition.

Sissies are a separate gender role. We have societal roles for boys and girls that we are expected to follow even when we’re still in diapers; these roles continue through adulthood. The sissy role is a third role, and sissies should not be expected to behave like boys, girls, men or women do in today’s society.

A sissy is feminine in gender. Gender (masculine/feminine) and sex (male/female) go together for most people, but not for all people, and definitely not for sissies. Although sissies can be male or female, and although sissies cannot be expected to behave like boys or girls do in modern society, they are most definitely closest to what is usually meant by “feminine,” preferring clothes, toys, games, etc. that have traditionally been considered to be “for girls” over those “for boys.” Sissies wear dresses, not pants. Their clothes are in pastel colors, mostly pink; if they ever wear blue (which is very rare) it is a pale baby blue. They play with dolls and tea sets, not cars and trucks; if they play with cars, they are cars they can put their dolls in. Likewise, sissies are referred to with the feminine gender pronouns (she, her, hers), because grammatical gender also has little to do with sex (as is evident from languages in which a table is considered feminine and a desk is masculine).

Sissies love pretty things. This includes cute dollies, pretty pictures, cute kids’ cartoons and movies, and clothes. Sissies love to wear pretty clothes. But by this I don’t mean clothes that a pretty adult woman might wear. Sissies love the cute and often frilly clothes that have traditionally been worn mostly by baby and toddler girls. I have heard that it was common at one time for baby boys and girls both to wear dresses because dresses allowed their parents to change their diapers easily. Whoever’s in charge of a sissy definitely wants her to be easy to change.

Sissies are childlike. The sissy role is similar to that of a young child. Sissies play with toys. Sissies talk baby talk. Sissies suck their thumbs. Sissies cry when they’re upset. Sissies wet their panties. I’ve already covered toys, but let me talk about the other points in more detail.

Sissies talk baby talk. Not that they don’t have a good grasp of the English language; they merely don’t want to sound like grownups when they talk. Some sissies lisp, turning “s” sounds into “th” sounds. Perhaps they will turn “r” and/or “l” sounds into “w” sounds for sort of an Elmer Fudd effect. Sissies like to use baby-talk words instead of their grownup equivalents. Sissies say “bye-bye” instead of “goodbye” and “time for bye-bye” instead of “I have to go home now.” It’s not a speech impediment; it’s just the way sissies talk.

Sissies suck their thumbs. Whenever they feel the need, sissies will suck their thumbs, or pacifiers, or bottle nipples (I don’t advise trying to get a sissy to drink from a glass; she will carelessly knock it over or spill it down her front). Sissies are happier when they have their pacifiers.

Sissies cry. If something startles them, if they wake up with a bad dream, if they’re wet, if they’re upset, if they’re angry, if they’re hungry, or at the drop of a hat … sissies cry. There’s nothing wrong with it; it’s just expected of them.

Sissies wear diapers. Plastic panties too, if possible. If they aren’t kept in diapers, they will wet their panties, and they’ll feel ever so bad about it and probably start to cry, poor things. So it’s a mercy to keep them diapered, really it is. They may still cry when they’re wet, but at least their clothes will still be dry. Sissies wet when they wait too long to go potty (if there’s been an attempt to potty-train them; such attempts rarely succeed), when they giggle too much or get too excited, when they’re scared or startled, or if they get too interested or fascinated by something.

Maybe one day the sissy will be an accepted role in society. Or maybe not, but I can dream, can’t I?

I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So are you a sissy? I think of myself this way – I am a sissy who sometimes dresses as a man, rather than a man who sometimes dresses as a sissy. Basically if you feel you dress up as a sissy then you are possibly not a sissy because in my mind you are a sissy no matter what you are wearing. But as I have said you don’t have to have a label to enjoy dressing up because there are many many reasons why a guy wants to wear clothes of the opposite sex.

Take a transvestite, many call themselves cross-dressers – why? Is it because the term transvestite is too clinical, making it sound like you have a condidtion, something wrong with you, or that the word crossdresser seems a lot less threatening? Does being a transvestite mean you are different from a guy but a crossdresser is just a guy who likes to dress up in girls clothes sometimes but hey he is still one of the guys. Of -course transvestite/crossdresser are the same and there are many transvestites/crossdressers who live perfectly ‘normal’ lives as men and there are transvestites/crossdressers who are more like sissies. There is no conformity within labels!!


I am a sissy through and through, my male guise is a front to my feelings and it is a very thick mask. I need looking after like a child, to be loved and cared for, adult responsibilities scare and confuse me, my mind wanders to more simpler things – this is not play acting ths is who I am – I am a sissy.

You may be the same, similar or different, it doesnt matter – be happy and safe and assured that you are not alone


38 Responses to “What is a sissy? Are you a sissy?”

  1. Hi Sweetie,

    Being a Sissy is the most cherished and important part of my life, from your profile I think you and I live similar lives. I have and do go out in public as often as I can dressed as sweet and pretty as I can, but honestly it is very scary only because there are so many mean bullies out there.

    I only go out in the daytime and I only go to very public settings like Thrift stores the Malls and really big public parks. The more people there are the safer you are.( still scary ) Of all my outings I have rarely ever been called names, but over a 10 year period all most everyone! in my state knows about me so they do make fun of me by laughing, pointing and staring at me. But truth be told I love the attention and you me and every Sissy out there I consider to be the luckiest people in the world, because from my experiences I wouldn’t change being a Sissy for all the money in the world.


  2. lesley Says:

    hi there just read about u,my name is lesley and im a 55 year old transvestite and live in the uk,since i became a transvestite or cross dressor,ive had strong fantasies of becoming a sissy child and wearing diapers and plastic pants,even looking for a young woman to mother me that way,had no luck so far but can u send me an e-mail please to advise me places i can get plastic pants and that sort of things from thankyou

  3. prettyjo Says:

    Hi I am new to all this and just wanted to chat

  4. krnharris42 Says:

    I am a boy sissy who love all the “girlish” clothes like little girls dresses, pink, blue, yellow and white. Real pretty petticoats to match and ribbons to match in my hair.

    Baby Janes are my shoes of choice. How sweet.

  5. krnharris42 Says:

    I am a sissy boy who loves all of the “girlish” little girls dresses….pink, yellow, blue and white. (lime green) petticoats and panties to match and a bow in my hair to match.

    Baby Jane shoes with a little heel and pantihose (all colors to match)

    This would be sooo sweet.

  6. sissybrucie Says:

    I love being in frilly feminine dresses and love acting like a little girl I want to be a girl and be completely feminized,for all the men to see me and treat me like the sissy Iam

  7. robert Says:

    I love to be a sissy schoolgirl in a school uniform
    black tights or white school socks ,gray school skirt, white shirt, school tie, school jumper, black shoes

  8. Joanne_Chan Says:

    I do uniform every day but aren’t really heavily into acres of frills and not really into the whole submissive/dominant thing never mind c/p.

  9. baby peter Says:

    all of these lovely lace dresses i wished i had them all i love the colour pink like a little girl i love beening a sissy little girl there is nothing like it so try it some time and you will see what i mean ok by now from sissy peter.

  10. Paulina pasties Says:

    I want to be a wittle girly

  11. bobbie Says:

    Hi I love to wear lady panties and bras am i a sissy if i love to wear lady underwear I love to have gay sex I love to crossdress I live in ST Louis mo

  12. krnharris Says:

    I just love every dress above and the sissies that are wearing them are so sweet and pretty.
    As far as BOB is concerned, I don’t believe that he is a sissy just because he enjoys wearing women’s clothes. I think that he is a cross dresser and really loves women’s clothes and
    would possibly enjoy being a transsexual.

    Someday, I would love to be a sissy for a mistress at the

    “FEMDOMMESOCIETY” which is so awesome.

    sub/sissy wayne

    • sissy miss marta Says:

      i have had the experience of being dressed in petticoats by a dom woman, and ‘made’ to orally service a guy to her instruction. one of most erotic moments was when she held my chin in 1 hand, the guy’s d, her other, telling me to look at her as i kissed it

  13. sissy miss marta Says:

    lifelong sissy, love being in petticoats- can’t imagine being anything but sweet, submissive, when in them, which is daily

  14. sissy miss marta Says:

    i’m a sissy, then,and sure do enjoy it. have just commisioned a lady to make a custom strawberry purse to go w s’berry shortcake dress. will decorate petticoat w fake s’berries,and panties w s’berry appliques, and some on my parasol. then i’ll be ready to be strawberry cream cake.

  15. sissymissmarta Says:

    Thank you(curtsey). Love to chat,txt&play in sissyland. Wish 1 of my pics were here. Fun@txt.att.net5127779138 with sissymissmarta.

    • krnharris Says:

      I just love your blog, you are so special.

      On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 6:40 PM, From Dreams Of A Sissy To Sissy Dreams wrote:

      > ** > sissymissmarta commented: “Thank you(curtsey). Love to chat,txt&play in > sissyland. Wish 1 of my pics were here. Fun@txt.att.net5127779138 with > sissymissmarta.” >

  16. Kellyboy Says:

    Sign me Up??

  17. missmarta Says:

    remember always that the word sissy comes from ‘little sister’, which image and state of mind i preserve, even when sex is involved.

  18. sissy charleen Says:

    i wish i was younger so i could be a sissy gurl

  19. missmarta Says:

    u can be no matter how physically old you are. See my pics on experienceproject. Sissymissmarta

  20. sissy charleen Says:

    i wish i was young so i could be a sissy

  21. missmarta Says:

    msmarta247@yahoo hopes everyone has fun playing and finds good playmates

  22. sissy charleen Says:

    i wish i was someones sissy

  23. missmarta Says:

    i luv being a sissy. Look for sissymissmarta on experience project and fetlife. Pigtails n petticoats

  24. missmarta Says:

    definitely am, then. Sissymissmarta can be found on fetlife and experience project

  25. missmarta Says:

    i luv it when my lady friend puts my hair in pigtails

  26. sissy bun Says:

    yes my Lady friend Marty dress me in panties bra then a see thought white blouse and a short black shirk then fish net nylons and six in. heels then she take me out there her female friend and become there sissy maid the girls love it i do all the house work and then it happen one came with a dido cock strap-on and told the other Lady to-day girl we are going to make her feel like a women yes my Marty i think its timethen Marty ask me i said yes please make me your bitch

  27. Why Thank you just because i like being a Sissy and my boyfriend like it to

  28. Anthony Says:

    I’m. Sisy. Baby. Girl.
    Love. We’re. A. Diaper.

  29. Joanne Says:


    I have often wondered to what extent I am a sissy. My guess is any gender-inspired role tag is liable to tweaking so this may help to explain why the discussion f what makes a true sissy is not so easy either.

    I recall as a young boy being fond of frilly things and hating sport. Loving classical music and disliking rock and pop which could be described as more macho, although I became a trained professional musician and would therefore easily be able to discriminate musically and quickly see that pop and rock were impoverished offerings aimed at the masses who were not so able to discriminate!

    I had very few girlfriends and I soon realised I had submissive tendencies. These have developed over the years to my passion for being a little girl sissy in pink frocks and fluffy petticoats. I feel disappointment when having to take off my sissy clothes and wear male stuff. I could never really perform adequately sexually; that always seems to be for a real man to do and for me to simply be teased and spanked, on the rare occasions I found a lady willing, for a while anyway, to indulge me.

    I feel more at home in a pink girlie frock, petticoat and pink frilly knickers, sissy white or pink frilly socks, stockings or tights in winter. On the other hand although I will happily suck my thumb or pacifier, I will drink beer, red wine and sometimes even smoke a pipe. Contradictory of what? However there again back in Victorian time a lot of ladies smoked pipes. That did not make them men or even pseudo-men.

    I think the only real drawback is the sheer difficulty of finding a lady who would find a way of enjoying a relationship with a sissy. She wants a man not a girlfriend, so it does tend to lead to a solitary life which I think is detrimental. Nearly all of us, whatever our orientation, appreciate and benefit from a life companion but seriously, are there any ladies out there who’d go for this deal?

    Now whether or not any readers of this post are saying I am or am not really a sissy I know what clothing and role I would prefer and would love to live with a lovely lady.

    Sissy Joanne

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